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The Financial Physician

Tune into The Financial Physician radio show every Sunday morning from 6 AM to 8 AM, where host Lou Scatigna, CFP® talks money, markets, politics and other items that affect your financial life. The show airs live each week on 92.7 WOBM FM in Ocean County, New Jersey, but it can also be heard live online by listeners who are outside of the Jersey Shore.

About The Financial Physician

Do you know the state of your financial health? Perhaps you’ve made sure to take the precautions needed to keep your finances in good shape. But perhaps, like many people, you’ve let your finances slip. It’s possible that you’ve made mistakes in your expenditures. Or, perhaps you and your significant other have trouble seeing eye-to-eye on finances. When troubles like this arise, it can sometimes be difficult to even determine where you went wrong. You need someone who can diagnose your financial problems and provide treatment that will work.

That’s where veteran financial planner Louis Scatigna, CFP® can help. His radio show, The Financial Physician, has been helping people handle their financial problems for more than 20 years. He takes a unique approach to addressing concerns by offering honest, tough-love style advice backed by years of research and experience. One of his specialties is clarifying difficult matters by relating them to physical health concerns.

Lou’s radio show offers extensive advice on managing your financial illnesses. This includes providing the unbiased view of someone who has years of experience guiding people through financial recovery. With the help of The Financial Physician, you can see your financial problems cured, and finally get the stability you deserve.

The Financial Physician broadcasts every Sunday morning from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM EST at 92.7 WOBM FM. So, tune in to get your financial ills diagnosed and receive the perfect treatment for your situation.

Most Recent Episode

On this week’s episode (August 7th broadcast), Lou kicked off the show with a discussion about the government and our economy.

Show Topics Include:

  • The government is still redefining what a Recession is.
  • Government statistics are not the reality.
  • Censorship is at an all-time high.
  • How to Handle Digital Assets
  • What would happen if we went to war with China?
  • Predictive Programming in the News
  • A Monkey Pox Public Service Announcement
Lou Scatigna CFP The Financial Physician

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