The Financial Physician

Louis Scatigna, CFP, a veteran certified financial planner and president of AFM Investments, Inc. has been advising Toms River, NJ families on practical financial management for more than 32 years. As the host of the top-rated radio program on WOBM AM 1160, The Financial Physician, Scatigna has diagnosed and treated the financial ills of listeners for more than 15 years. His analogies of physical and financial health have motivated clients and audiences alike to get into fiscal shape. Lou's show can be heard Friday's from 10am-11am.

In 2009 Scatigna authored a book called The Financial Physician, which examines the 20 most common causes of financial problems. By making analogies to physical health, it explains in clear, straightforward language why each problem occurs, and gives the reader practical, well-tested, no-nonsense advice.
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